Legal Areas

Below are the most common law areas in which we work, followed by a few examples of judicial actions pertaining each of them:

  • Administrative Law

    › Bid proposals
    › Public service concessions
    › Public administration contracts
    › Appealing and revoking
    › Appealing against public notices regarding bids and administrative decisions
    › Drafting of judgments, analyses of matters involving public administration
    › Writs and other judicial measures

  • Environmental Law

    › Matters involving genetically modified products
    › Guidance regarding Brazilian environmental law, as well as international rules for the protection of environment
    › Drafting of studies, reports and replies to enquiries
    › Judicial representation in judicial and administrative contentious matters, involving public entities for the protection of   environment and natural resources

  • Civil Law

    › Contracts
    › Family
    › Real estate
    › Health/Hospital and dental
    › Property
    › Civil responsibility and indemnity
    › Welfare
    › Societies
    › Succession

  • Consumer Law

    › Contracts
    › Offers
    › Advertising
    › Addiction and product liability
    › Need for new clauses in standard form contracts

  • Sports Law

    › Associations
    › Clubs
    › Sponsorship, partnership and licensing contracts
    › Statutes
    › Federations
    › Sports institutions

  • Entrepreneurial Law

    › Unlawful competition
    › Franchising
    › Joint-ventures
    › Leasing
    › Intellectual industrial property
    › Drafting and revision of contracts
    › Supermarket regulations

  • International Law

    › Port law
    › International investment
    › Drafting and revision of international contracts
    › International arbitration

  • Social Security Law

    › Administrative requirements and judicial demands
    › Benefit revision

  • Labor and Union Law

    › Defence and guidance throughout labor suits
    › Administrative defence at regional labor departments, regional councils and class associations
    › Consultancy and legal advice, with the drafting of reports
    › Representation and assistance in collective negotiations regarding conventions, agreements, union-mediated agreements and   relationship with unions
    › Assistance in the implementation of profit share plans

  • Tributary Law

    › Tax recovery and compensation
    › Defense in tax executions
    › Reports on tax requirements
    › Representation at city, state and federal tax councils